Parmanu day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now

Parmanu day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now: Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran is an action drama movie which is based on one of the first nuclear test explosions done by our country. The movie hit the big screens on 25th May 2018 and became one of the hit movie of the year 2018. Most of the critics has rated this movie well and provided 3.5 out of 5 stars. Public already had a lot of buzz about the film. Abhishek Sharma directed the movie and the flick is released under banners of Zee Studios and JA Entertainment.

Parmanu day wise Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Parmanu  is a period movie which is based on the times of 1995. Up to that time, China has performed 43 nuclear test and India has not done even one. There was a huge pressure on the country and then this first successful nuclear test was done in Pokhran. The opening day box office collection of the movie was Rs 4.75 Cr and for the second day of the release, movie bucketed a total of Rs 7.25 Cr. Although the movie has very good screen cast still it did not have that drama which kept the audience engaged.

Day India’s Net Collection (In Cr)
1st 4.75
2nd 7.25
3rd 8.25
4th 3.75
5th 3.5
6th 3.25
7th 3
8th 2.25
9th 4.25
10th 1.75

Parmanu day wise Theater  Occupancy Prediction

The movie got released on total 2205 screens and in Indi, the screen count was 1935 and in overseas it was 270. The opening day response to the movie was good. Public liked this movie and the first day occupancy of the movie was 60-70%. Being a weekday, the morning shows were less occupied that the evening shows. On 2nd day, there was an increase in the occupancy report being a weekend and same observed for the next day of the release.

Day Theater Occupancy
1st 60-70%
2nd 70-80%
3rd 70-80%

Parmanu Overall Collection Prediction

When we talk about the movie Parmanu, then these are the movie which made not only for the profit but also they made public aware about great history and are informative. These movies provide us information about some of the most historic moments in the most entertaining and lively way. Parmanu is such a movie and stood fine on the public expectation. The movie is made with a budget of Rs 44 Cr and the box office figures for the movie was Rs 91.38 Cr.

Disclaimer: This box office data can be approximated data which is studied from various sources and by self-searches and latest box office collection does not make any claim about the authenticity of data.

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